Zhongshan Campus
     Jiangmen Campus


    China-Hong Kong English School(CHES) was established in Zhongshan in 1994. CHES is the first international and private school providing bilingual education in Zhongshan. Nowadays, we have 60 classes, 1800 students and 500 teachers and staff. CHES consists of 3 sections including Kindergarten, Primary Section and Secondary Section, forming a well-completed school group.
    CHES carries out a Small-Class Teaching policy. No class is more than 35 students. Teachers can look after each student. They can fulfill the educational needs of each student. Students can live in the dormitory. We also provide safe and qualified school bus services for our students.
    All our campuses have their own modern and fully equipped classrooms. We have 3 swimming pools, 1 football field, 10 basketball courts and two multi-functional gymnasiums. To keep up with the development of information technology, we adopted multimedia network teaching. All classrooms are air-conditioned.
    The school emblem implies that CHES aims to educate an outstanding new generation of elites through a combination of the most effective teaching methodologies of the East and the West. The phoenix represents Oriental culture. The lion symbolizes Western knowledge. The satellite connotes advanced technology, whereas the torch is the symbol of a new generation, full of vigor and enthusiasm.
    We educate our students to understand both oriental and occidental cultures to enable them to cope with globalization and the modernization of China bilingually. We also teach them to be trustworthy, to be innovative and to be dedicated to society. This is the objective of our Quality and Ethical Education. We won social praise widely. We are the model school in Zhongshan. The Education Department recommended our school for this honor: “National Private Education Advanced Group”. The Ministry of Civil Affairs recommended our school for this honor: “National Advanced Social Organization”.

Zhongshan Campus: Tel:0760-88702210/88712485/23378780 Fax:0760-88702391/88781764/23378782
Jiangmen Campus: Tel:0750-3962500 Fax:0750-3775856